FICAC looks towards professional enhancement and development of staff

Media Team   |   06 Mar 2009

FICAC is to receive support for training for its staff as it moves to strengthen and enhance its image as a professional and independent anti-corruption organisation.

This is the result of ties forged between FICAC and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, following FICAC head, George Langman’s visit to Malaysia last month.

Mr Langman recently returned from a Malaysia where he was invited to participate in the official launch of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, launched by the Prime Minister Honourable Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi.

The Anti-Corruption Commission has been in existence in Malaysia for 40 years and has gone through a series of changes in terms of structural changes and legislation.

A major change in legislation that occurred in 2008 resulted in the launch of the new look Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Mr Langman described the trip as a success in terms of using the opportunity to discuss the development and training of FICAC staff with both the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Our discussion with the Anti- Corruption Academy and Anti-Corruption Commission will contribute to re-organising our organisation and influence how it fights corruption.”

According to Mr Langman talks centered on putting in place preventative measures and the review of existing government policies to prevent and curb corruptive practices.

He said Malaysian authorities have indicated their willingness to train FICAC staff and have provided a list of courses which will see FICAC staff travelling to Malaysia to undergo these courses.

Furthermore, the kindled relationship between the anti-corruption commissions would enhance FICAC’s career path planning.

Mr Langman stated the visit to Malaysia was the first engagement with an outside anti-corruption agency adding Malaysia and Fiji have a lot in common in terms of processes involved in corruption.