Three FICAC matters adjourned

Media Team   |   23 Oct 2008

Three FICAC cases were called for mention in the Suva Magistrates Court this morning (24.11.08) before Magistrate Katonivualiku.


Siteveni Weleilakeba vs FICAC

The defendant’s lawyer Mr Lateef was out of the country and through a representative asked the court for three weeks to speak with FICAC Prosecutor Paul Madigan about charges against his client.

The case has been adjourned to 15th December for mention.

Foana Nemani & Olota Rokovunisei v FICAC

A plea was to be made by the defendants today however their lawyer Mr. Graham Leung submitted that in his view, FICAC was an illegal body.

He stated that although the Qarase ruling was binding of the Magistrates court, an appeal on this ruling was pending in court and that Magistrate Katonivualiku should not make a judgment on the matter.

Mr. Madigan strongly rebutted this claim stating that even if there was an appeal in court; he humbly requested that the court follow the rule of law and to continue with the case.

Magistrate Katonivualiku adjourned the matter to 28th January 2009 and stated that he would leave the decision of court proceedings to the Magistrate who would preside on the matter next year.


Faga Solomone Finiasi v FICAC

The defendants’ lawyer, Mr Tevita Fa could not attend as he had to attend another matter in court.

Prosecutor Mr. Madigan stated that he had 13 witnesses for the case and asked that the matter be heard over a period of three days.

This matter has been adjourned to 9th December for mention.