Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF) pledges support in the fight against corruption and bribery

Media Team   |   23 Sep 2022

The Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF) has become the latest organization to join the “I don’t accept bribes” campaign, a joint nationwide initiative by FICAC with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project funded by the New Zealand Government.

The launch of the anti-bribery campaign took place in the presence of Management and staffs of CAAF together with representatives from FICAC on Tuesday 20 September 2022.

During the launch, CAAF Acting Chief Executive Ms. Theresa Levestam stated that “The Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji strives to reflect certain key values that characterize our organisation; professionalism in the discharge of our responsibilities, accountability to the travelling public, government and our stakeholders, commitment to our vision and mission and last but not least, INTEGRITY in all that we do.”

With the nature of aviation, and CAAF’s role as the State’s aviation safety and security oversight organisation, there is a need for strong systems and controls to be in place when issuing any aviation document - be it pilots, air traffic control and engineering licenses, security screener certificates or operator and service provider certifications, there is no room for error,” added Ms. Levestam.

Ms. Levestam further added that “these systems and controls are only as good as those who are its guardians and implementers. Thus, having our people involved in such campaigns where the values we seek to uphold are reinforced, is essential to our functions, and we thank you, FICAC, for this opportunity.”

Speaking at the launch, Manager Investigation West/North Mr. Uwate Biutanaseva stated that “Bribery, is a shameful act, a form of systemic corruption which some public officials become infested with, and because they have an advantage, they think that it is a win-win situation. That there is no victim for a bribery. They do not consider the aspects of the damage that it does to their families, the reputation of the institution that provides them with their bread and butter, and to the country at the end of the day, particularly in terms of sustainable & economic development.”

“By knowing your role in how to prevent and fight corruption, by opting not to accept or offer bribes, by opting not to solicit or accept an advantage, by providing your customers with the right information, and in ensuring easy access to such information on your services, policies, processes, standard operating procedures, a public body such as yours has a critical role to play in ensuring that the you will provide excellent support to all who are part of Fiji’s Aviation Industry in accordance with your relevant laws and regulations, and ensuring that the values of good governance and integrity are maintained and upheld at all times,” added Mr. Biutanaseva

During the closing remarks, Mr. Biutanaseva encouraged the Management and the Officers of CAAF to report incidents of corruption. ““In this fight, you have got to be courageous, and report incidences or bribery and corruption to FICAC. When you know about it, or when you have information that will expose corrupt dealings, report it to us. The protection of your identity is guaranteed and mandated under Section 30A of our Prevention of Bribery Act,” added Mr. Biutanaseva.

The campaign is supported by UNDP under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project funded by the New Zealand Government.