Sugar Research Institute of Fiji joins the nationwide Anti-Bribery Campaign

Media Team   |   14 Jun 2022

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) continues its nation-wide anti-bribery campaign and integrity efforts by embracing more stakeholders taking up the campaign and spreading the message of anti-bribery across the nation.

The Sugar Research Institute of Fiji has joined the “I don’t accept bribes” campaign, a joint nationwide initiative by FICAC with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project funded by the New Zealand Government.

The launch of the anti-bribery campaign took place in the presence of executives of SRIF and representatives from FICAC on 11 May 2022 in Lautoka.

In his keynote address, the Chief Executive Officer Professor Santiago Mahimairaja stated that corruption is in every has no national boundaries. “Today corruption at the higher levels captures headlines everywhere and people are becoming aware of its disastrous consequences and impact” added Professor Mahimairaja.

Professor Mahimairaja further stated that transparency is the one of the many ways in which individuals can fight against corruption. “Make everything and all things transparent. It’s all about knowing who, why, what, how and how much. It means shedding light on formal and informal rules, plans, processes and actions. Transparency helps us, the public, hold all power to account for the common good,” added Professor Mahimairaja.

Professor Mahimairaja added that “Seeking and receiving information is a human right that can act as a protection against corruption, and increase trust in decision makers and public institutions. However, transparency is not only about making information available, but ensuring it can be easily accessed, understood and used by citizens.”

Speaking during the launch, Manager Investigations West/North Mr. Uwate Biutanaseva stated that corruption and bribery is a hinderance to all forms of development and improvement, therefore, as citizens we cannot become complacent, relaxed or tranquil about addressing corruption and bribery in organisations.

“To fight corruption and bribery, we need Integrity, Honesty, Moral Courage, Determination and Strong Will from all who are involved. The will of the citizens of Fiji including the sugar cane farmers and employees of is paramount for us to succeed. Patriotism for our beloved nation will carry us through. FICAC aims to encourage all civil servants and public officials to openly embrace integrity and build a culture of resilience against the incitement to bribery,” added Mr. Biutanaseva.

Mr. Biutanaseva stated that by wearing the badge it will send a strong message across the sugar industry and its stakeholders that there is no room for corruption and bribery. “This would also portray SRIF’s commitment towards economic recovery and growth. “An honest and dedicated workforce inclined towards integrity will definitely pave the way forward for a prosperous sugar industry”.

The campaign is supported by UNDP under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project funded by the New Zealand Government.