Investment Fiji pledges to anti-bribery goals

Media Team   |   19 Apr 2022

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) continues its nation-wide anti bribery campaign and integrity efforts by embracing more stakeholders taking up the campaign and spreading the message of anti-bribery across the nation.

Investment Fiji has become the latest public statutory organisation to join the “I don’t accept bribes’ campaign, a joint nationwide initiative by FICAC with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project funded by the New Zealand Government.

The launch of the anti-bribery campaign took place on Wednesday 13 April 2022, in the presence of executives from Investment Fiji and representatives from FICAC and UNDP.

The launch alongside the badging ceremony was of significant importance as the campaign is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and specifically Sustainable Development Goal 16 which calls for countries to improve their governance systems and fight corruption.

In his keynote address, Acting Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty stated that Investment Fiji has always remained professional and transparent in its role as an agency that is committed to developing a sustainable and successful nation by stimulating investment and exports.

“Our ethical standards are reflective of who we are and while we are in the transition phase of shifting towards a fully-fledged Investment Promotion Agency, the Government has a lot of expectations from us. Hence, I understand this is an opportune time to train our employees on anti-bribery measures in order to protect our organization from any corruption-related risks,” mentioned Chetty.

Bribery and corruption have always been an obstacle to economic growth and their detrimental and direct effect often lead to a decrease in the productivity level.

The Acting CEO further mentioned that the widespread corruption deters investment, weakens economic growth, and undermines the rule of law.

Speaking at the launch, FICAC’s Manager Corruption Prevention Mrs. Kolora Celua stated that Investment Fiji, being Fiji’s peak investment agency, have a critical role to play in engaging with foreign investors and exporters; and in doing so, must maintain its integrity as an independent and a transparent investment promotion agency.

UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji Anti-Corruption Adviser, Sonja Stefanovska – Trajanoska stated, “If Fiji’s economy is to continue to grow, if national prosperity is to increase further, and if skilled jobs for young people are to become more plentiful, bribery and corruption cannot be allowed to play even the smallest part in any investment or trade promotion decisions. The ‘I don’t accept bribes’ badges are a significant symbol not only of Investment Fiji’s commitment to integrity, but also of its determination to deliver a more prosperous and fairer future for everyone in Fiji.”

In concluding her remarks, FICAC’s Manger Corruption Prevention Mrs. Kolora Celua stated that the commitment of Investment Fiji to embark on this collective journey is important; because by working against corruption in all its forms, Investment Fiji will make a measurable difference for the nation and Fijian businesses by executing its core roles and responsibilities for foreign investors and local exporters based on the values of integrity and anti-corruption.

The campaign is supported by UNDP under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project funded by the New Zealand Government.