Nadi Town Council Commits to Upholding Anti-Corruption Goals

Media Team   |   15 Dec 2021

Nadi Town Council has become the latest municipal council to join the “I don’t accept bribes” campaign on Wednesday, 15 December 2021.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Muni Reddy thanked the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) for the initiative and said the launch had came at the precise timing since the Council has taken onboard a new obligation.

“This launching has come at a very right time as we have taken over the rural boundary which has increased our interaction with the stakeholders thus presenting both opportunities and risks” said Mr Reddy.

Mr Reddy encouraged the Officers of Nadi Town Council to embrace the training and the ideologies shared to ensure the Council deliver the services with the utmost integrity as it will not only safe guard the Officer but will ensure the Council prospers.

FICAC Manager Investigations West/North Mr Uwate Biutanaseva thanked the Nadi Town Council for joining the campaign and appreciates the support shown by the Council.

“Local Government is an extremely important arm of the nation and we must never underestimate its significance in the improving the national life of Fiji and the development of local communities. The services the Council officer are making a practical difference to the daily lives of ratepayers” said Mr Biutanaseva.

Mr Biutanaseva further stated that bribery and corruption are obstacles to positive developments to a nation and it is evident around the world. The level of corruption for some developing countries is so widespread; it has caused citizens of these countries to accept bribery and corruption as the way of life.

Mr Biutanaseva urged the Officers of Nadi Town Council to ensure Fiji is not added to this list. “As a developing nation, Fiji faces the enormous challenge to ensure public funds allocated for improving the lives of its citizens is not lost due to the selfish motives of those entrusted with the authorities of our public institutions” added Mr Biutanaseva.

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) believes that there is a strong public will in this country to fight bribery and corruption and therefore the Commission will strengthen its efforts by assisting the public institutions to deliver the best services to its citizens.

The Senior Management and Officers of Nadi Town Council will undergo anti-bribery awareness trainings conducted by the Corruption Prevention Department of FICAC.

“The fight against bribery requires a long-term strategy that systematically and progressively addresses the problem. The Commission strongly believes that the fight against bribery is everyone’s duty and all of us have a moral obligation to contribute towards this cause. We must remember that bribery and corruption thrive with our indifferences and is harmful. It is against the Government policies; it is against the needed development and it deprives the poor citizens of this country. So let us join forces to denounce bribery as the way forward to a better Fiji” added Mr Biutanaseva.

The campaign is supported by UNDP under the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) project funded by the New Zealand Government.