iTaukei Land Trust Board Commit to Anti-Bribery Goals

Media Team   |   09 Apr 2021

The iTaukei Land Trust Board becomes the fifth institution to join the ‘I don’t accept bribes’ campaign, to which, the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) has commended the TLTB for joining in the fight against the incitement to bribery.

FICAC Deputy Commissioner Rashmi Aslam thanked the Board and the CEO and Executive Management for demonstrating their higher level of commitment and support through the Anti-Bribery Campaign.

“For the TLTB, this campaign is important because this is a trust board. You are holding something in trust on behalf of the landowner who is the majority of the people of this country. They believe in you and trust that you are going to look after their interests. And in doing so, you are not going to have any second thoughts; you are not going to deviate from that fiduciary duty,” he said.

“The reputation of your institution is paramount because you are dealing with investors. Together we pass the message to the public and to TLTB officers that we mean business, we are serious about it and we will take them to Court if they are caught engaging in corrupt acts,” he reiterated.

Aslam also requested the Executive Management to pass the message of zero tolerance very seriously to medium-level officers that come into contact with members of the public. He further stated that the message of ‘I don’t accept bribes’ signifies that by not accepting bribes, we are protecting the country.

The iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) will undergo training as part of the ‘I don’t accept bribes’ campaign conducted by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC). Aslam also encouraged reporting of cases of bribery without any hesitation and to assist FICAC in identifying corrupt individuals who demand bribes from the public.