Media Team   |   01 Apr 2021

A former employee of the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts has been charged with fifty-eight (58) counts of corruption related offences.

Rahul Ravikash Kumar appeared before the Anti – Corruption Division of the Magistrates Court in Suva being charged with one count of unauthorized modification of data, one count of obtaining a financial advantage and fifty-six counts of money laundering.

It is alleged whilst being employed in the Transport Assistance Unit, he had access to the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) of the Ministry, entered unauthorized data in the system and as a result, obtained a financial advantage in the sum of $341,981.81 from the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts. The alleged incidents occurred between 4 April 2017 and 20 June 2020.

The Court read out the fifty-eight charges to Rahul Kumar which he understood the charges laid against him. Rahul Ravikash Kumar was released on strict bail conditions and was ordered not re-offend whilst on bail, report to FICAC Office once every month beginning from 09 April 2021 from 6am – 6pm and stop departure was issued. The matter is adjourned to 05 May 2021.

Last year, FICAC also initiated civil proceedings under the Proceeds of Crimes Act to recover the available proceeds of crimes that he had now been charged with.