Unit Trust of Fiji: Upholding Integrity

Media Team   |   16 Mar 2021

The Unit Trust of Fiji (UTOF) has become the second institution in the country to receive their ‘I don’t accept bribes’ badge on 15 March 2021.

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) and United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) Project’s anti-bribery trainings began on 1 March with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and concluded last week.

FICAC Manager Corruption Prevention Kolora Naliva congratulated and thanked the UTOF staff for their initiative and support for the campaign.

She reminded them of the evils of bribery and corruption and highlighted the important role each of them played in the ‘I don’t accept bribes’ campaign as wearers of the badge.

Naliva also emphasized that wearing the badge also bestowed them with the responsibility to always serve with integrity and report corruption and bribery to FICAC should they ever encounter it.

UTOF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vilash Chand pledged their commitment to upholding integrity in all their duties.

He also encouraged everyone to lead by example and to make the effort to educate and create awareness on anti-bribery especially with external stakeholders.

UTOF Regional General Manager and Country Secretary Sakiusa Bolaira remarked that it was symbolic for the organization to be recognized and included in the fight against bribery.

11 employees of UTOF in Suva received their ‘I don’t accept bribes’ today with the badging for the staff in their Western offices to take place later in the week.