Former Temporary Relieving Packer Sentenced

Media Team   |   23 Oct 2020

A former Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Services employee who illegally obtained over four thousand dollars through corrupt practices was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in the Suva Magistrates Court today.

Vasiti Tabuakuro was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) in June this year with one (1) count each of Obtaining a Financial Advantage and General Dishonesty – Causing a Loss.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty to these charges in August and was convicted accordingly.

While working as a Temporary Relieving Packer, she admitted to receiving revenue and issuing receipts from a Ministry of Health (MOH) receipt book without entering the details of the payments into the Revenue Collector’s Cash Analysis Book and not putting the money from sales in the till.

In delivering the Sentence, Resident Magistrate Mr Joseph Daurewa said that Tabuakuro’s role was entrusted with a form of revenue collection for the Government of Fiji.

“By obtaining this financial advantage and thereby causing a loss to government, you have not only breached the trust of your employer but more importantly, the public in this country,” he said.

Furthermore, in taking into consideration the time of the offence which was a two (2) month period, he said that it was done at a time where the government is trying to ensure revenue collection for the best interests of the people of Fiji.

He added that her selfishness has taken away the benefit of $4,050.45 FJD, which she obtained, from the people and that he saw no reason to suspend her sentence.