FICAC Opens Social Media Accounts

Media Team   |   24 Jun 2019

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) has rejoined the land of social media today.

After a lapse of three (3) years, the Commission is keen to be a part of the social media buzz to increase and improve its engagement with individuals on a greater level.

FICAC Acting Deputy Commissioner Mr. Rashmi Aslam says that this move has been a long time coming especially in the growing usage of the internet and social media as a means of disseminating information.

“The methods of fighting corruption and spreading awareness on anti-corruption nowadays are always evolving,” he said.

“We must evolve with it and familiarise ourselves with the different mediums people are using to obtain information and we hope to do just that through our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts,” he explained.

At the same time, the Commission encourages users to exercise caution when online.

“The beauty of the internet is the freedom it offers, however, please exercise this freedom wisely in using the appropriate means to get in contact with us about your queries,” Mr. Aslam reiterated.

FICAC invites members of the public to follow them on Twitter @FICAC_Official and LinkedIn as Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption for the latest in all things anti-corruption.