Duo Plead Not Guilty to Corruption Charges

Media Team   |   24 May 2019

A not guilty plea was entered by two (2) men charged with corruption related offences in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday.

Former Vodafone Fiji Limited Specialist – Fraud, Risk and Corporate Security Mr. Rajneal Rakesh Kumar pleaded not guilty to two (2) counts of Bribery, while suspended Fiji Police Sergeant Mr. Nilesh Kumar also denied one (1) count each of Aiding and Abetting Bribery and Abuse of Office.

The duo was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) last December.

The first Accused is alleged to have solicited $7,000.00 FJD and accepted an advantage of $4,000.00 FJD on two (2) occasions between July and December 2018.

Furthermore, the second Accused, as a police officer, is alleged to have helped him acquire the $7,000.00 FJD from an individual who was under investigation.

FICAC State Counsel Ms. Jessie Lagonilakeba informed the Court that Prosecution would be relying on the Caution Interview during the trial as there were partial admissions from both the Accused in it.

Defence Counsel for the first Accused responded saying that they would be challenging the Caution Interview, while the second Accused was advised by the Magistrate to consult his lawyer on whether or not they were challenging it too.

The matter was adjourned to 2 July 2019 to check on voir dire grounds.