Aquaheat South Pacific Limited Signs Corporate Integrity Pledge

Media Team   |   11 Feb 2019

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) today had its first Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) signing for 2019.

Aquaheat South Pacific Limited strongly believe in setting the standards for conducting a clean and ethical business in Fiji hence their commitment to the signing of the Pledge.

This program, designed by FICAC is aligned to Article 12 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) which Fiji acceded to in May 2008.

Article 12 of the UNCAC requires State Parties to assist the Private Sector in designing and implementing effective anti-corruption measures and the CIP does just that.

Aquaheat South Pacific Limited became the sixth company in the country to make a pledge to keep its business corruption free through ethical business practices with the adaptation and implementation of anti-corruption measures.

The Commission congratulates Aquaheat South Pacific Limited on being the first Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors to pledge their support to the fight against corruption.

The two day training program is tailor-made to the specific organisation in order that FICAC helps these companies identify the possible loopholes which exist in their policies and effectively remedying it through policy changes, implementation and collaborative training.

By garnering the support of private sector companies, especially those involved in the procurement of or working closely with the supplying of goods to the Government, the chances of corruption occurring can be significantly reduced and altogether prevented.