Former Statistician Charged for Obtaining Advantage and Using Forged Documents

Media Team   |   05 Oct 2018

A former employee of the Fiji Bureau of Statistics appeared in the Suva Magistrates court facing corruption-related charges.

Ms. Kelera Nokelevu was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) with one (1) count each of “Obtaining a Financial Advantage” and “Using Forged Document” under the Crimes Act of 2009.

As the Acting Field Statistician, she was responsible for withdrawing and distributing allowances to officers sent out to conduct surveys and ensure accurate documentation and records of these expenditures were kept.

It is alleged that the Accused forged eleven receipts pertaining to the hiring of a Rural Service Licensed vehicle and a taxi, along with the fake signatures of the supposed drivers.

These fake receipts were then presented to the Chief Statistician who thought they were genuine and so approved it, enabling her to acquire $1,588.00 FJD from November to December 2015.

FICAC State Counsel Ms. Jessie Lagonilakeba informed the court that first phase disclosures were served.

Resident Magistrate Ms. Waleen George recused herself from the matter as she sat on the Public Service Disciplinary Tribunal that tried the Accused last year.

Ms. Nokelevu was released on bail with a bail bond of $200.00FJD and was instructed not to reoffend, interfere with witnesses and to surrender her passport.

The matter was adjourned to 25 October 2018 to the Chief Magistrate’s court to decide the new Resident Magistrate.