Sentencing for White Collar Crime Convict in November

Media Team   |   14 Sep 2018

The Sentencing hearing for the case involving the loss of $4.1million FJD was heard in the Suva High Court today.

Mr. Viliame Katia was convicted and sentenced last June to fourteen years imprisonment for eleven counts of corruption related offences which the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) charged him with.

In June this year, the Suva High Court ruled in favour of FICAC’s appeal on the grounds that the Magistrate misread and misapplied Section 190 of the Criminal Procedures Act of 2009 in delivering his Sentence and so ordered the transfer of the case to the High Court for re-sentencing.

High Court Judge Justice Mr. Salesi Temo stressed that this case was unique as a large amount of money was stolen by one person and a strong statement must be made to deter repeat offences from occurring in future.

He emphasized that this sentence would have to let other individuals working in financial institutions know that engaging in white collar crimes will warrant a heavy penalty from the law.

Moreover, he said that the inability of Mr. Katia to offer restitution indicated there was no remorse for his crime and no leniency would be shown in sentencing.

The matter was adjourned to 2 November 2018 for Sentencing.