PWD Duo Plead Guilty

Media Team   |   20 Aug 2018

A Guilty Plea was entered by two (2) of the six (6) individuals involved in an alleged fraud which resulted in the loss of $10,557.50 from the Public Works Department (PWD) in 2010.

Ms. Amelia Vunisea and Ms. Laisa Halafi were charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) with one (1) count each of "Abuse of Office", and two (2) counts each of "Causing a Loss", with Ms. Halafi facing an additional count of "Obtaining a Financial Advantage".

It is alleged that the two (2) processed false payments to Mass Stationery Supplied Limited on two (2) different occasions.

The remaining accused, Ms. Vaciseva Lagai, Ms. Ana Laqere, Mr. Abdul Shariff and Mr. Rajniel Wati pled Not Guilty.

Ms. Lagai and Ms. Laqere face charges of "Abuse of Office" and "Causing a Loss", while Mr. Shariff and Mr. Wati, the Directors of Mass Stationery Supplied Limited are charged with "Obtaining a Financial Advantage".

High Court Judge Justice Mr. Chamath Morais adjourned the matter to 11 September 2018 for the Summary of Facts to be presented.