Defence Files for New Mention Date in Rabuka Case

Media Team   |   08 Jun 2018

Defence lawyer for Mr. Sitiveni Rabuka filed a notice of motion to adjourn the case to a later date enabling Mr. Rabuka‘s travel to Kadavu at the Suva Magistrates Court this morning.

Initially scheduled for 15 June, Mr. Filimoni Vosarogo informed the court that Mr. Rabuka later found out that he had a trip to Kadavu planned for 12-18 June.

FICAC Prosecutor Mr. Rashmi Aslam stated that there were no objections to this but requested that Defence file their Voir Dire grounds on 18 June to keep to the initial timetable for proceedings.

This would also allow Prosecution to file their Voir Dire disclosures by 25 June.

Residential restrictions for Mr. Rabuka have been temporarily suspended as he will be in Kadavu.

Resident Magistrate Mr. Jioji Boseiwaqa adjourned the matter to 25 June 2018.