Three Years for Former Officer

Media Team   |   06 Jun 2018

A former Special Constable of the Fiji Police Force was sentenced to three (3) years imprisonment last Friday at the Lautoka High Court.

Mr. Rohinesh Prasad was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) with three (3) counts of "Bribery" in 2014 under the Prevention of Bribery Act.

He was found guilty of accepting an advantage of $1000.00 and soliciting an advantage of $500.00 to arrange for the bail and discharge of three (3) suspects in a criminal case in the Nadi Magistrate’s Court.

In delivering the sentence, High Court Judge Mr. Aruna Aluthge said that in committing this crime, Prasad betrayed the trust and confidence given to him by the Police Force and abused his position and trust placed on him by the public as he was a public servant.

Furthermore, High Court Judge Justice Aluthge emphasized that bribery of public officials attacks the integrity of Government and the good name of Government officials and that this sentence is meant to discourage the practice by sending the message that it will be punished severely.

Prasad was fined $1,000FJD which was to be paid immediately or he would serve an extra one hundred (100) days in prison.

He was also ordered to pay $1,000FJD to the three (3) Complainants - $400 to one (1) and $300 each to the other two (2) within a month or incur an extra one (1) month in prison.

He was convicted on 11 May 2018 and is eligible for parole after serving eighteen (18) months in prison.

Thirty (30) days has been given for Appeal.