Former Constable Convicted for Corruption

Media Team   |   11 May 2018

A former Special Constable from the Fiji Police Force was convicted on Bribery charges at the Lautoka High Court on Friday.

The Accused Mr. Rohinesh Prasad was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) with three (3) counts of "Bribery" in 2014 under the Prevention of Bribery Act.

He was found guilty of accepting an advantage of $1000.00 and soliciting an advantage of $500.00 to arrange for the bail and discharge of three (3) suspects in a criminal case in the Nadi Magistrate’s Court.

The trial was held for two (2) weeks in Lautoka High Court before the High Court Judge Mr. Aruna Aluthge and three (3) assessors.

The Assessors found the Accused not guilty in their verdict.

However, the High Court Judge Justice Aluthge disagreed with the verdict of the Assessors and found the Accused guilty of all counts.

The trial Judge in his judgment iterated that the Assessors failed to understand the evidence adduced by the Prosecution.

In addition to the civil witnesses, three (3) Police Officers gave evidence in support of the Prosecution.

It was further stated that the explanation given by the Accused did not create any doubt on Prosecution’s case.

Prosecution was led by FICAC prosecutor Ms Sanjana Datt whereas the Accused represented himself throughout the trial.

The Accused will be sentenced on 18 May 2018.