Man Sentenced for Electoral Offence

Media Team   |   14 Feb 2018

The Suva Magistrates Court yesterday handed down a suspended sentence to a man after he was convicted for electoral offences.

Magistrate Mr. Priyantha Liyange sentenced Mr. Ronal Kumar to seven (7) months imprisonment suspended for two (2) years and a fine for $500.00 and fifty (50) days imprisonment in default for both of the counts.

Kumar was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) in 2014 for one count of “Offences in relation to Ballot Papers” and two counts of “Undue Influence”.

He was found guilty for the first two counts and acquitted for the third count of “Undue Influence” in a Judgement delivered by the Suva Magistrates Court on 29 September 2017.

In delivering the sentence, Magistrate Liyange stated that the evidence revealed that Kumar marked a vote by circling the number 279 on the ballot paper that was issued to Satya Wati Ram in her presence and interfered with the free exercise of a political right of Satya Wati Ram.

Matter was adjourned to 14 March 2018 to check on payment of fine.