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Former Deputy Official Receiver to be Sentenced Next Month

Media Team   |   18 May 2017

The Suva Magistrates Court will sentence the former Deputy Official Receiver of the Judiciary Department next month.

Mr. Viliame Katia appeared before Magistrate Ms. Deepka Prakash this morning.

Katia was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against corruption (FICAC) in November 2016 for four counts of Forgery, three counts of Abuse of Office, and one count each for embezzlement by Servant, False Information to Public Servant, Unauthorized Modification of Data, and Obtaining a Financial Advantage.

The Accused had pleaded guilty to all eleven (11) counts of corruption offences.

FICAC Counsels, Mr Rashmi Aslam and Ms. Laite Bokini – Rati appeared for Prosecution and filed the written sentencing submissions in Court.

Matter has been adjourned to 1 June 2017 for Sentencing.