Case Against the Assistant Co-operative Officer, Labasa

Media Team   |   31 Mar 2009

Investigation into an allegation that the Assistant Co-operative Officer at the Cooperative Office in Labasa embezzled money taken into his possession from the sale of fish at the Wainikoro Fish outlet by virtue of his employment as Assistant Co-operative Officer.

The officer was charged for Embezzlement and appeared before the Suva Magistrates Labasa Magistrate Court on 16 September 2008.

His hearing took place from 31st March to 6th April 2010.  He was convicted on 8th December 2011.

On 4th February 2011, Magistrate Ropate Cabealawa sentenced Antonio Vere to 18 months imprisonment.  He ordered that Vere serve six months in custody and partly in the community.  To allow Vere to keep employment, he is to be remanded on weekends and public holidays