Our standard FICAC Awareness Sessions are targeted towards the civil sector as well as the general populace. These sessions are sought-after because they can be either 1 or 2 hours only and primarily focus on the identification and prevention of corruption. These also concerntrate on 'Good Governance' and 'Service Delivery vs. Corruption.'

Awareness - DISMAC Nausori Office

Nausori Town 13.05.17

Awareness - Ministry of Local Government

Ministry of Local Government Office, Suva 28.04.17

Awareness - Yasana ko Serua

Government Roadshow Galoa, Serua 21.07.17

Awareness - Post Fiji

Post Fiji Office, Suva 20.07.17

Awareness - Lami Town Council

Lami Town Council Office 01.06.17

Awareness - Teachers of Saint Marcellin School

Vatuwaqa, Suva 14.06.17

Awareness - Teachers of Nasinu Secondary School

Kinoya, Nasinu 23.05.17

Awareness - Yasana ko Rewa

Government Roadshow, Noco, Rewa 03.04.17

Awareness - Yasana ko Naitasiri

Government Roadshow, Noco, Rewa 16.05.17 to 19.05.17

Awareness - Yasana ko Serua

Government Roadshow, Lomary Secondary School, Serua 03.04.17

Awareness / School Tour - Vunisea Secondary School

FICAC Head Office, Suva 12.08.16