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  • Media

    The media contents includes prints, photos and video materials for your research and awareness sessions enquiry

    Photo Gallery

    Photo gallery on anti-corruption awareness sessions with stakeholders.

    Video Gallery

    Video gallery on anti-corruption awareness for the cinema and television, also included awareness session with stakeholders.

    Print Gallery

    A collection of our billboard artworks and newspaper advertisements


    These are the statistics from our numerous Awareness sessions from 2007-2018. If you're interested in any of these trainings for your community or your organisation, contact us today

  • iTaukei Communities

  • 581

  • Sessions
  • A total of 581 awareness sessions have been conducted.

  • Government Ministries

  • 529

  • Sessions
  • A total of 529 awareness sessions have been conducted.

  • Schools

  • 351

  • Sessions
  • A total of 351 awareness sessions have been conducted.

  • Public Bodies

  • 398

  • Sessions
  • A total of 398 awareness sessions have been conducted.

  • Hindi Communities

  • 159

  • Sessions
  • A total of 159 awareness sessions have been conducted.

  • Private Bodies

  • 151

  • Sessions
  • A total of 151 awareness sessions have been conducted.

  • Good Kiddo School

  • 112

  • Sessions
  • A total of 112 awareness sessions have been conducted.

  • Corporate Integrity Pledge

  • 5

  • Signings
  • A total of 5 Signings have been completed.

  • Useful Resources

    Helpful information and material on Anti-Corruption


    Constitution of Fiji
    Fiji Crimes Act of 2009
    FICAC Act and Prevention of Bribery Act of 2011


    Printed information material on anti-corruption like brochures, newsletters, annual reports and posters.

    Policy & Advocacy

    Anti-Corruption Policy templates for organisations


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