The Deputy Commissioner

A Message from the Deputy Commissioner

Despite faced with many diverse challenges along the way, we have accomplished many commendable victories significant to the role and purpose of FICAC.

The Commission is run by a team of dedicated and capable individuals all striving towards achieving FICAC’s aim – to ensure that the people of Fiji live a life free of corruption.

I reiterate the Commission’s commitment to investigate any case of corruption in a just and fair manner without fear or favour.

Members of the public can also rest assured that FICAC will deal with their information and complaint with utmost confidentiality and impartiality.

The website is a means by which the organization can share with you its progress in the fight against corruption. With the growing public awareness in the work that FICAC undertakes, we have launched a new web portal called the fACE (Fiji Anti-Corruption & Ethics) programme. We firmly believe that in the interest of enhancing intolerance against corruption, we need to and must work together. For that reason, the fACE portal contains useful resources that all communities, schools and organizations can fully utilize.

Our Annual Reports and other publications as well as court proceedings have been made available on the website. This is to ensure that FICAC remains transparent and to allow the public to follow the current work of the Commission.

Thank you for visiting our website. We both encourage and thank you for your support in the fight against Corruption.

George Westlake Langman

Deputy Commissioner