IACD Message from FICAC Acting Deputy Commissioner Mr Rashmi Aslam:

2019 has been an exciting year for anti-corruption in Fiji.

In July, FICAC launched the National Anti-Corruption Curriculum (NACC) which was made in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts (MEHA).

The launch marked a turning point for the country, making history as we took a giant step towards a lifelong journey that will ensure the future of Fiji is free of corruption.

On a national level, having an anti-corruption curriculum reaffirms the nation’s stance against corruption and provided the paradigm shift in the fight against corruption.

Young people are the custodians of the future and so it is only right that we instil and cultivate in them the steadfast spirit of integrity, which is kryptonite to corruption.

While FICAC continues its efforts to combat and prevent corruption in the present, we are also preparing for the future by bringing our prospective leaders to the forefront of anti-corruption initiatives.

It is imperative that we encourage and empower young Fijians all over the country and around the world to persist on the path of righteousness so as not to fall prey to the cancerous grip of corruption.

FICAC acknowledges the partnerships fostered through various anti-corruption training programs carried out throughout the country and it is our hope that these organisations continue to work towards remaining corruption free in all their modes of operations and service delivery.

The Commission looks forward to what the future holds in terms of preventing and combating corruption and at the same moulding and empowering the future champions for anti-corruption.

Happy International-Anti-Corruption Day, Fiji!