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The Deputy Commissioner - 2016 Intent

The Deputy Commissioner


Our achievements for 2015 are commendable and we owe that to the Officers for their dedication and commitment in whatever role they performed. There were moments of extreme pressure on some of the activities but we were able to overcome the challenges because of the support from the Officers.

We have had visits from various organisations and have incorporated plans for their support to the organisation. It is envisaged that, in the near future FICAC will see the benefits from these external organisations.

Gauging the people of Fiji's perception, corruption is an activity yet to be fulfilled under our 2015 plans, thus it will be carried forward to be incorporated in our 2016 activities. Initially planned to be obtained through a survey changes were made to analyse this from the information derived from our complaints data. The report is anticipated to yield results that will assist the organisation in mapping out strategies for its future direction.

Theme and Objective

Our theme for 2016 is "Enhance National Cooperation in Combating Corruption".

The objective of the theme is to promote and strengthen the development of mechanisms to prevent and combat corruption in order to enforce the effectiveness of our laws, policies and strategies.


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