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The Deputy Commissioner - 2012 Focus

The Deputy Commissioner

2012 Focus

General-Theme-Priorities   Priorities In Detail   Summary & Conclusion


  1. The achievement of this year's theme is both a serious undertaking and challenge for FICAC. However the priorities highlighted are some of the strategic measures developed to guide and assist us in the achievement of this year’s theme. With the highlighted priorities, the following outcomes are expected to be achieved in "Intensifying Corruption Intolerance";
    1. Timely response to complaints, enquiries, and any forms of correspondence
    2. Minimizing corruption opportunities in the public service and sectors.
    3. Increase public support towards FICAC's work.
    4. Increase public confidence in FICAC.
    5. Increase signs of intolerance of corruption by the public.
    6. Greater interaction between the media and FICAC.


  1. Fighting corruption is not easy and every little effort and step taken to fight corruption is worth a challenge. With the expected priorities and the outcomes and targets to achieve in 2012, motivation, innovation, commitment and believing in the cause of fighting corruption are the determinant factors for our success in the fight against corruption. So let us hold hands and be ready to embrace this year’s challenges without any fear or favour.
  2. On the basis of my Focus, HOD’s, PCRO, PCPO, PAO and Training Officer will provide me their plans for achieving my theme for 2012 by Friday 25 November 2011.

Deputy Commissioner

11 November 2011