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The Deputy Commissioner - 2012 Focus

The Deputy Commissioner

2012 Focus

General-Theme-Priorities   Priorities In Detail   Summary & Conclusion


  1. The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption has marked a new milestone in the fight against corruption in Fiji since its establishment in 2007. It’s the first legal instrument of its kind in Fiji to investigate and prosecute corruption related offences and also, carry out preventative measures to eradicate corruption.
  2. As the organisation enters its fifth year in 2012, it has enjoyed international recognitions in particular the assessments organised by the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. These are promising activities which reflects that FICAC is delivering the products it was established for.
  3. A large part of our initiative over the past years has been focussed on institutional capacity building besides the execution of our normal duties and responsibilities. There has been marked improvement in all aspects of our work and this has been achieved through the engagement of experts.


  1. As we approach our fifth year, we must intensify our efforts in combating corruption. Therefore, our theme for 2012 is “Intensifying Corruption Intolerance”. With this theme in our minds, there will be no room to remain complacent nor there be room to be content with the work we have done so far. By intensifying our efforts, we are encouraging the people to come forward willingly without any fear and support our efforts. It will be through the intolerance of the people of Fiji that will transform our country into a clean and corrupt free country.


  1. In developing the intensity of our approach, the following key priorities will be carried out:
    1. Effective Responsiveness
    2. Effective Participation
    3. Selective Investigations
    4. Fearless Prosecution
    5. Quality Management
    6. Developing patriotism in the organisation
    7. FICAC at 2012 and Beyond


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