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The Deputy Commissioner - 2009 Indent

The Deputy Commissioner

2009 Indent

General   Theme, My Priorities, Purpose   Method   Endstate, Conclusion

Priority: Eradication of Corruption - FICAC will maintain its vigorous drive to investigate corruption related cases and prosecute suspects. The political atmosphere of the country now is favourable to the situation and our attention is cast primarily towards the corrupt. Corruption shall find no door or window to flee. We will investigate corruption according to their severity in order to attain the cooperation and confidence of the mass of the people.

Priority: Develop Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - In our strategy to integrate with other law enforcement agencies, we will develop MOU's to strengthen the ability to mutually share information and solve problems.

Priority: Professional Development of Staff - Excellence is achieved through education and training. Staff development remains a priority and efforts will be made to up-skill our Investigators and the Support Staff. Up-skilling provides an opportunity for the staff to continuously build their competency and proficiency at their work.

Priority: Enhanced Knowledge of Promulgations - The FICAC and Prevention of Bribery Promulgations are our key documents. The contents and its meanings must be known by heart. Without this knowledge, we cannot fully execute the purpose and existence of our organisation. Promulgation sessions will be regularly carried out so that everyone is adequately familiar with its provisions.

Priority: Prevention & Public Awareness Programmes - The office of the Public Affairs will hold seminars/workshops/visits on a regular basis to communicate the evils of corruption and take appropriate measures to fight it. A positive image of FICAC must be effectively displayed to the people of Fiji and internationally. Our interaction with media organisations must be improved. Media also has a role in the fight against corruption and we must utilize this means. Strategically, the result from positive reporting of the fight against corruption attracts foreign investment and improves the competitiveness of Fiji's economy

Priority: FICAC Database - The database is to be implemented in 2009. The database will contain records dating back since the inception of the institution in April 2007.

Priority: FICAC Website - A FICAC Website will be fully functional in 2009. The website will contain sufficient information for the public and will also be a source for communicating with FICAC. Since the website will be accessed worldwide, adequate information will be provided to allow researchers or other anti-corruption bodies gain information about our organisation.

Priority: Implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption - Fiji have ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption in 2007 and, accepted and published by the UN in 2008. FICAC will continue to enhance its engagement with the UNCAC Secretariat and will attend Conferences and Workshops on their invitations. Fiji is planned to be assessed in 2009 by a team of experts selected by the UNCAC Secretariat. The assessment will gauge how far we (Fiji) have progressed in implementing the UN Convention Against Corruption. FICAC will liaise closely with the Office of the Attorney-General to gather relevant stakeholders and brief on the implementation of the UNCAC.

Priority: FICAC Policy - We have, since our inception, relied on the PSC Policy as our guiding document. We will, in 2009, do away with the PSC Policy and implement the FICAC Policy. This policy is tailored to our needs and will continue to be amended as we progress.

Priority: Communication Link With FICAC Regional Offices - In order to make our office's accessible by the people, a regional office has been established in Labasa. Efforts are also being made to establish a similar office in Lautoka. An Intranet link will be configured to enable a secure link for communication between our headquarters and the regional offices.