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The Deputy Commissioner - 2009 Indent

The Deputy Commissioner

2009 Indent

General   Theme, My Priorities, Purpose   Method   Endstate, Conclusion

We anticipate that through the achievement of our theme, FICAC earns the public's confidence and support in its fight against corruption. We are regarded as an effective agency that will rid Fiji of corruption. Other success will be:

  • FICAC offices will be easily accessible to members of the public at any of our regional offices who seek to give information or to complain about corruption. People will readily report corrupt behaviour with no fear or reprisal
  • Complaints and information received are attended to speedily and suspects are expeditiously dealt with by the law.
  • The FICAC Promulgations are effective
  • Strong culture against corruption develops
  • Members of the public will perceive FICAC as an effective and credible organisation and are prepared to come forward to assist positively because of its success rate in prosecuting suspects.

Though it can be said that no country can claim to be free of corruption, it remains our primary objective to manage and control this problem effectively. Our success will be attributed to:

  • Our national leaders are fully committed to fight against corruption
  • The FICAC Promulgations proves to be effective and provide sufficient deterrence
  • The relentless efforts of FICAC to investigate all cases of corruption without any fear or favour
  • The Intent provides guidelines that are to be achieved in 2009 and Heads of Departments will ensure that we remain focussed on these priorities.

George Westlake Langman
Deputy Commissioner
29 October 2008


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