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The Deputy Commissioner - 2009 Indent

The Deputy Commissioner

2009 Intent

General   Theme, My Priorities, Purpose   Method   Endstate, Conclusion


As I look back and recall our achievements, I am proud to say that our accomplishments so far has earned us respect and trust from the public. The establishment of FICAC was done for a noble cause and we must maintain our Vision, Mission and Values, as these are, and will remain, our guiding principles.

As Head of the institution, I want to present my Intent for 2009 so that our efforts remains synchronised and remove any doubts as to the direction we are taking. I remain proud of what we have achieved since the establishment of the institution in April 2007 and I want you all to know that it is my intention to build this institution into a highly respected and professional institution that maintains integrity in the public and private sectors of this country.

In order to remain relevant and successful in dealing with the dynamics of corruption, FICAC must continue moving forward, improving the way we operate and think. Purposeful and considered change is essential if we are to mature into the type of organisation that I believe is necessary to achieve our objectives. By change, I mean an organisation that will enable us to do things better.

My immediate subordinates and I are committed to sustaining and enhancing the quality of FICAC staff through education and training. These essentials are necessary to enable us to carry out our tasks effectively and professionally now and into the future.

Over the past year, I personally, and we organisationally, have gone through some painful experiences but we remain proud of our successes.

The future shape of our organisation is contained in the FICAC Strategic Plan 2008-2012. Currently, our focus has been reactive and this is proof of the type of investigations that we are investigating. It is my intention to strengthen the delivery of our prevention and awareness programmes from now onwards.

I intend that FICAC becomes more respected and influential in ensuring that integrity is maintained in the public service. We must be recognised as a valued, capable and respected member of the law enforcement department that is legislated to fight corruption. I intend that we continue to develop professional mastery of investigations so that we can exploit the comprehensively networked corruption syndicates that have existed in our country for many years. To achieve this, we will progress the way FICAC trains and prepares the investigators so that we remain capable of fully utilizing our skills and knowledge to combat the sophisticated corruption cases.