2011 Focus


As I recall our past achievements, I am proud to say that our accomplishments so far have earned us respect and trust from the public. The establishment of FICAC was done for a noble cause and we must maintain this through our Vision, Mission and Values, as these are, and will remain, our guiding principles. As Head of the organisation, my Focus for 2011 is aimed at strengthening teamwork in order to achieve our objectives. Over the past year, we as a team have gone through some painful experiences but we remain proud of our success.
However, we as a team can achieve more, if we strengthen and improve the way we operate and think. In this respect, my immediate subordinates and I are committed to sustaining and enhancing the quality of FICAC Officers through education and training. This would enable us to carry out our tasks effectively and professionally now and into the future.
I am also determined to see that FICAC becomes more respected and influential in ensuring that integrity is maintained in the public service. We must be recognised as a capable and respected member of the law enforcement department that is legislated to fight corruption.


Our theme for 2011 is "Embrace Information System Integration". Integration of the information technology system is the solution to achieving efficiencies that will greatly assist in our work and facilitate data accuracy.
Information system is recognized as improving coordination, enhancing productivity and facilitating knowledge. Their true value is only recognised when we embrace it as part of our working tool. Building on our success, FICAC will continue to strive to ensure that our working environment is provided with information systems that will enable us to manage and utilize information in a manner that is more effective and affordable.

My Priorities

I take great pleasure in leading an organisation where our members enjoy being part of a great team focussed on getting the job done without fear of raising to any challenge. We are a team of talented, skilled and enthusiastic Officers and I wish to maintain this by further developing your talent as we progress.
With this intent in mind, my priorities for 2011 are:
  1. Develop a well planned and organised investigation plan to reduce administrative costs
  2. Achieve 95% success rate for our cases before the Courts
  3. Continue to eradicate corruption through enhanced awareness programmes
  4. Enhance quality of cases for investigation
  5. Continue to enhance our relationships with other relevant stakeholders through Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  6. Develop and enhance team work
  7. Pay more emphasise to our Code of Conduct
  8. Care and ownership of FICAC resources
  9. Continue to provide professional development of staff through education and training means
Priority: Develop a well planned and organised Investigation Plan to reduce administrative costs - FICAC will maintain its vigorous drive to investigate corruption related cases and prosecute suspects. By doing so, a well planned Investigation Plan will minimise unnecessary costs that are normally associated with travel, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses. Our operational budget for 2011 is not a substantial amount and therefore, HODs and CCO’s are to carefully plan their activities in the most cost effective way.

Priority: Achieve 95% success rate of our cases before the Courts – We have had a series of workshops for the Investigators and Legal Officers with the expectation that the outcome of our cases in court should have a high success rate. The challenge now is for the Investigation and Legal to work closely together to achieve 95% success rate of our cases before the Courts.

Priority: Continue to eradicate corruption through enhanced awareness programmes Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer have indicated in their 2010 Report that Fiji has improved in its ratings. This is a positive identification that our work is being appreciated and acknowledged.However, we are still in the early years to remain complacent. The Community and Education Department will continue to make FICAC visible to the public this year with their awareness programmes.

Priority: Enhance quality of cases for investigation – Though we cannot investigate all corruption cases that have been reported to FICAC, we will take an approach that selected cases for investigation will be investigated to its optimum. In order to achieve the quality of work expected, CCO’s will be allocated 5 Cases each for 2011 plus our Toll Free line cases.

Priority: Continue to enhance our relationship with other relevant stakeholders through Memorandum of Understanding - In our strategy to integrate with other law enforcement agencies, we will develop MOU's to strengthen our ability to mutually share information. Since we have signed an MOU with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Fiji Inland Revenue & Customs Authority (FIRCA), we intend to expand further and engage MOU’s with the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Department of Immigration (DIA) and the Office of the Auditor General (OAG).

Priority: Develop and enhance teamwork - Every organization has its own way of developing teamwork to ensure a smooth, efficient and proud team. The synergy coming out of teamwork produces a far greater and effective result than individualism. Unfortunately at times there are people who would do things at their own interest for personal gain. HOD’s and CCO’s will ensure that teamwork within their departments and sections are enhanced as this will produce an organisation that is cohesive with our effort to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Enhancing teamwork should not be an expensive exercise but it should be innovative, interesting and fun to keep your team motivated.

Priority: Pay more emphasis to our code of conduct – The Commission Standing Orders clearly explains the minimum standard of conduct of FICAC officers. Our conduct remains scrutinised by the public and therefore, we must at all times act and behave in the most professional manner that is respectful and firm. Priority: Care and ownership of FICAC resources – The acquisition of equipment, materials and even skills are resources that were sourced to enable the organisation to function effectively. FICAC has invested a substantial amount of its budget over the years to purchase these resources and it is only fair that individuals use these resources with due care and attention.

Priority: Continue to provide professional development of staff through education and training - Excellence is achieved through education and training. Officer development remains a priority and efforts will be made to up-skill individuals. Up-skilling provides an opportunity for Officers to continuously build their competency and proficiency with their work.

2011 Focus


We anticipate that through the achievement of our theme, FICAC will be a model to other government departments by embracing technology in the workplace and be regarded as an effective and efficient organisation. Our other success will be:
  1. Information will be easily accessible in a timely manner
  2. Complaints and information received are attended to speedily
  3. Greater efficiency in the way we conduct our business
  4. A strong IT culture is developed within the organisation
  5. Members of the public has confidence in FICAC


Though it can be said that no country can claim to be free of corruption, it remains our primary objective to manage and control this problem effectively. Our success will be attributed to:
  1. Our leaders being fully committed to the fight against corruption
  2. The FICAC Promulgation and POB Promulgation proves to be effective and provide sufficient deterrence
  3. The relentless efforts of FICAC to investigate all cases of corruption without any fear or favour
My Focus provides the guidelines to be achieved in 2011 and HODs and CCOs must ensure that we remain focussed on these priorities.

George Westlake Langman

Deputy Commissioner
28 January 2011