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What is FICAC?


The Commission is headed by a Deputy Commissioner appointed by His Excellency, the President under Section 6 of the Promulgation.

In accordance with Section 8(1) of the Promulgation, the Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner may appoint such officers as the President thinks necessary to assist the Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner in the performance of his or her functions under this Promulgation.

The Commission comprises of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner and six (6) functional departments, namely:

  • Investigation
  • Legal & Prosecution
  • Complaints
  • Corruption Prevention
  • Administration, Human Resources & Training, Internal Audit and Information Technology
  • Finance

Investigations - The Department has the primary responsibility of conducting investigations on any alleged offences of corruption and bribery in accordance with the Promulgation and POBP.

Legal & Prosecution - The role of the Legal & Prosecution Department is to provide sound legal advice to the Commission and prosecute cases on behalf of the Commissioner. The Department also assesses complaints received from the public and private sectors through State Counsels in the Legal and Complaints Departments

Complaints - Being the first point of contact for the organization, the Department receives all complaints, registers each matter and makes additional enquiries as necessary.

Corruption Prevention - The Corruption Prevention Department being the proactive arm of the Commission is responsible for:

  • examining the practices and procedures of Government departments and public bodies in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices;
  • instructing, advising and assisting any person, on the latter’s request, on ways in which corrupt practices may be eliminated by such person;
  • advising heads of Government departments or of public bodies of changes in practices or procedures compatible with the effective discharge of the duties of such departments or public bodies;
  • educating the public against the evils of corruption; and,
  • enlisting and fostering public support in combating corruption.

Administration, Human Resources & Training, Internal Audit and Information Technology - The Administration Department consists of 4 Sections – Human Resources, Training, Inventory and Information Technology. Each Section plays a supporting role to the Department's overall responsibility of:

  • providing general office management which includes accommodation, travel and relocation of Officers to other Commission centers;
  • managing human resources which includes staff recruitment, training & development, staff remuneration and personnel administration;
  • procure and provide goods and services in respect of stationery, office equipment, furniture and servicing of vehicles. This includes maintaining an efficient and effective inventory system;
  • providing information technology and security support; and,
  • ensuring that all relevant procedures and processes are observed and adhered to by the Officers

Finance - The main focus of this Department revolves around budget planning and financial management of the organization in accordance with Section 4 of the Promulgation.

Annual Reports

In accordance with Section 17 of the Promulgation, the Commission is required to prepare an Annual Report to be laid before Parliament and subsequently published on this website.

Audit of Accounts

The accounts of the Commission are audited annually by the Office of the Auditor General and the report is submitted to His Excellency, the President.

Powers of Commission

The Commission has its own powers to conduct its own investigation and prosecute its own cases.


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