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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Officers of FICAC, are expected to observe the highest standards of ethical conduct. They should strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in their conduct. In the performance of their duties, they have a duty of exclusive loyalty to FICAC and to adhere to the following

1.   Integrity

Officers are expected to act with integrity in all their official activities, avoiding any behaviour that would reflect adversely them or on FICAC. Integrity encompasses honesty and loyalty. Officers are expected to provide accurate and complete information needed by FICAC for the administration of personnel matters.

Although FICAC respects the privacy of its Officers and does not wish to interfere with their personal lives and behaviour outside the workplace, the status of an Officer of FICAC carries certain obligations in regards to conduct, both at work and elsewhere. FICAC attaches great importance to the observance of the law by its Officers as well as the avoidance of action that could be perceived as an abuse of the privileges and any immunities conferred on FICAC and its Officers as the failure to do so would reflect adversely on FICAC. FICAC is also concerned about any disgraceful conduct by staff members, involving domestic violence or abuse of family members.

If concerns of an Officer’s behaviour outside the workplace are brought to FICAC’s attention by third parties, it is both appropriate and prudent that the Officer concerned be informed about the matter. It is not FICAC’s role to determine whether the law has been violated by that Officer, as that is for the domestic/civil courts to decide. However, if FICAC receives a lawful order from a court or other governmental authority instructing it to withhold an amount of salary to be paid to the Officer concerned in order to satisfy an outstanding legal obligation, FICAC will not allow that Officer to take undue advantage of any immunity that it may have from time to time.

2.   Impartiality

Officers of FICAC are expected to act with impartiality. They should take care that expression of personal views and convictions does not compromise or appear to compromise the performance of their official duties or the interests of FICAC. Their official conduct must at all times be characterised by objectivity and professionalism. They should not allow personal relationships or considerations, including bias or favouritism to influence the performance of their official duties and should avoid situations that create a conflict of interest.

3.   Discretion

Officers are to exercise the utmost discretion in their actions and show tact and reserve in their pronouncements in a manner that is consistent with their status as an Officer of FICAC. They should refrain from participating in any activity that is in conflict with the interests of FICAC or would damage FICAC’s reputation. They shall respect and safeguard the confidentiality of information, which is available or known to them by reasons of their official functions.

4.   Courtesy and Respect

Officers of FICAC, should treat colleagues, whether supervisors, peers or subordinates with courtesy and respect, without harassment, or physical or verbal abuse. Additionally, they shall at all times avoid behaviour at the workplace that, although not rising to the level of harassment or abuse, may nonetheless create an atmosphere of hostility or intimidation. Any behaviour amounting to racism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

5.   Diversity

All Officers of FICAC are expected to act with tolerance, sensitivity, respect and impartiality towards each other’s culture and background.

6.   Conflict of Interest

Officers should avoid any situation involving a conflict, or the appearance of conflict between their personal interest and performance of your official duties.

In any dealings with other parties, suppliers etc, they should act in the best interest of FICAC to the exclusion of any personal advantage. If a potential conflict of interest exists, they should make prompt and full disclosure to their supervisor to seek his or her views as to whether they should recuse themselves from the situation that is creating the conflict or appearance of the conflict. They shall not engage in any activity, professionally or personally that shall be in conflict with their responsibilities/duties at FICAC or contradict FICAC’s position.

7.   Use of FICAC Property, Facilities and Supplies

Every Officer of FICAC shall have a responsibility to ensure that FICAC resources are used for the official business of FICAC and are expected to devote their time during working hours to the official activities of FICAC.

No family member or relative of a FICAC Officers shall be allowed to use any of FICAC’s property, facilities and supplies for personal means during or after working hours. An Officer of FICAC shall be allowed to use FICAC’s property, facilities and supplies for personal means subject to written approval from the Commissioner.

8.   Use of FICAC Logo

No Officer is authorised to copy or use the FICAC logo in any correspondence for private matters without the written approval of the Commissioner.

9.   External Activities

No Officer of FICAC shall engage in any outside employment, occupation, business activity or profession. They may participate in volunteer activities of a community or charitable nature but must notify the Commissioner.

10.   Press Relations, Public Statements and Publications

Officers shall not, without authorisation, provide to the news media, publish or make public statements relating to the policies or activities of FICAC or to any national political question. They are free to publish and speak about other subjects but you shall avoid any public communication not in keeping with their position as an Officer of FICAC, which calls for reserve and tact.

FICAC owns the copyright for all written material their Officers produce as part of their official duties and has the right to publish such work in a manner it deems appropriate. In contrast, no approval is required if the subject is unrelated to FICAC, its activities or national political questions.

11.   Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality

Every Officer of FICAC, shall not release, disclose or reveal to any person or persons any confidential operations, dealings or any information concerning the business, finances and transactions of FICAC without prior written approval from the Commissioner.

12.   Acceptance of Gifts, Decorations and Honours

All and any Officer of FICAC should never solicit gifts or favours in connection with their FICAC duties. Without prior written permission of the Commissioner, they shall not accept gifts, decorations and honours given to them in connection with their official duties with FICAC. If there is no advance notice of the gift, honour or decoration and it is impossible to refuse it, then they may accept it on behalf of FICAC and then report it to your superior of department head. However, in cases where the gift, honour or decoration is in recognition of services unrelated to FICAC, FICAC will permit acceptance of such recognition.

13.   Post-FICAC Employment

Officers who depart from FICAC, or are on leave status, including leave without pay, are expected to observe the respective FICAC policy on use or disclosure of confidential information. In particular, Officers who depart from FICAC should not use or disclose confidential information known to them by reason of their service with FICAC and shall not contact former colleagues to obtain confidential information. FICAC Officers are prohibited from providing confidential information to former colleagues who should be treated like any other outside party.

14.   Political Activities

Officers of FICAC need permission to engage in political activities, except for activities such as voting, making legal political contribution and participating at the local, grass root or community level. Officers of FICAC may not run for elected public office without obtaining permission. An Officer who accepts a political appointment must offer to resign from FICAC.

15.   Dress Code

All Officers must ensure that appropriate work attire is maintained during working hours.

16.   Identification Cards

ID cards will be worn at all times while at work and during the execution of duties. Care must be taken at all times against loss or damage to the ID cards. FICAC ID cards will be used solely for the purpose of its origin and will not under any circumstances be used for other purposes to gain personally.

17.   Stationery

Every Officer of FICAC shall be issued with a stapler; glue and pair of scissors ('Standard Stationery') and any other stationery shall be supplied on a 'need to' request basis. The onus is on the individual Officer to ensure that their Standard Stationery is safeguarded at all times.



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